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Albert Entress was born on March 12, 1844 in Rottenberg am Neckar, Germany. He apprenticed with the master sculptor Raidt upon completion of his formal schooling. He declined to enter his father’s gold and silversmithing business and instead emigrated to New York at the age of 21. Entress moved to Hartford in 1873 after five years of work with New York firms. Entress and William Ferner opened a monument sculpting business located at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford beginning a partnership that lasted for six years. He married Elizabeth Stokes, then aged 26, in 1878. They had 10 children of whom only 7 lived to adulthood. Entress did architectural ornamental sculpture on Hartford Public High School, Hartford City Gas Light Company, the Pope Manufacturing Company, the Hartford Club, Trinity Episcopal Church, Christ Church, and Jarvis Hall at Trinity College. He died on Christmas day in 1925.

Albert Entress


  • Albert Entrees: Master of Fine Detail : Written by Julie A. Runkle, found in the Watkinson Archives at Trinity College