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Don José Buscaglia-Guillermety was born in 1938 in the Santurce district of San Juan, Puerto Rico. His parents were Rafael Buscaglia, a prominent member in the Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico, and Josefina Guillermety, a trained opera singer.

Buscaglia graduated from high school in 1956 from the Sacred Heart Academy in Santurce before entering Harvard University for undergraduate study (BFA 1960). After college, he studied and apprenticed with the Catalan sculptor Enrique Monjo in Barcelona, Spain. He returned to teach at the University of Puerto Rico where he became the Director of Fine Arts (1962-1979).

Buscaglia is a representational figure sculptor and portraitist who works mostly in clay as a preparation for casting in bronze. He has been active as an artist since 1962 with works in the United States, The US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. He has made monumental bronzes of religious and Puerto Rican ethnic heritage subjects. He is best known for his portrait sculptures. In 2009, the artist unveiled the Monument to the Puerto Rican Family at The Learning Corridor in Hartford, Connecticut. His studio is in Rhode Island.

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