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John Paulding was a Chicago based sculptor who made a specialty of World War I memorials in bronze. Born in Ohio, Paulding went to Chicago to study at the Art Institute of Chicago. He created two distinctive World War I memorial prototypes, which he copyrighted. The most popular is the model created in 1920 called “Over the Top” which captures an American Infantryman charging forward at the run with his right arm raised to signal his companions to follow. In his left hand, he carries his rifle with its bayonet fixed. The other type is called “Doughboy Ready(1921) and shows a soldier standing at rest with his rifle grounded and his right hand resting on his hip. Both of these models were repeatedly cast by the American Bronze Company in Chicago for installation from 1920 to 1929 in a national wave of monument patronage. A version of Paulding’s “Doughboy Ready” is in East Hartford, CT. 

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  1. Doughboy Ready
    Doughboy Ready