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Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Josiah Cleveland Cady was a prominent architect during the late 19th- and early 20th- century.  Cady worked most often with partners Louis DeCoppet Berg and Milton See.  Josiah Cleveland Cady, often referred to as J. Cleveland Cady, is known for his many university campus buildings. His most famous commission was for New York’s Museum of Natural History. He also designed the original Metropolitan Opera House.  The firm was also responsible for numerous hospitals, churches, libraries, and other buildings across the northeast region.  Cady’s reputation has been overshadowed by the work Henry Hobson Richardson.

Prior to his successes in architecture, J. Cleveland Cady attended Trinity College, where he was a member of the fraternity called St. Anthony Hall.  During his architectural career, Cady constructed two buildings on the Trinity College Campus: Jarvis Hall (a physics classroom building which was demolished in the 1960’s) and the St. Anthony Hall building which still exists and still is used for its original purpose.

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Map of Josiah Cleveland Cady Works