Richard Alan Meier

Richard Meier, known for his design of the Getty Center in Los Angeles (1988-1997), had a much earlier commission to design the Hartford Seminary Foundation building in 1981. Meier is one of the “New York Five” who were identified in 1969 by the Committee of Architects for the Study of the Environment (CASE) for their […]

Frank Chalfant Gaylord II

Frank Gaylord was a World War II veteran who took up sculpture and stone carving as his profession. He was commissioned to make the statue of Governor Ella Grasso for a niche on the Connecticut State Capitol building in 1981. He was also the artist of the 1990 Korea War Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. […]

John Quincy Adams Ward

John Quincy Adams Ward was born in Urbana, Ohio in 1830. At the age of 19 in 1849 he was apprenticed to the Brooklyn, New York sculptor Henry Kirke Brown with whom he stayed until 1856. In 1861 he opened his own studio in New York seeking ambitious commissions for life-size figures. His first important […]

John W. Scott

John W. Scott is the principal stone carver working for the High Cross Monument Company of Texas. He executed the Bobby Sands Memorial Celtic Cross (1997) which is in Hartford, Connecticut.

Harold van Buren Magonigle

Harold Van Buren Magonigle was born in New Jersey in 1867 before moving to New York, where he received an education within the New York Public Schools.  Magonigle began his architectural career with an apprenticeship in the offices of Vaux and Radford in 1881. He continued his professional studies in the offices of Charles C. Haight (1883-1888), McKim, Mead and White (1888-1891) and Rotch and […]

Ernest Flagg

Ernest Flagg was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1857. His father was Jared Bradley Flagg who was a noted painter who had abandoned the Episcopal ministry in 1863 and moved his family to New Haven to devote himself to art. Ernest Flagg’s older brother was the Hartford painter Charles Noel Flagg (1848-1916). Ernest left […]

Charles Coolidge Haight

Charles Coolidge Haight was born in New York City and educated at Columbia University where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1861. He enlisted in the Union Army in 1862. After his discharge, he began his architectural career working for a fellow Union Army Soldier, Emlyn Little. In 1867 Haight opened his own architectural practice in New York.  In 1898, the […]

George H. Snowden

George Holborn Snowden was trained as a sculptor by Robert George Eberhard, (qv) chairman of the Yale School of Sculpture. He was the 1927 recipient of the Rome Prize and a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. Born in Yonkers, New York, he received his BFA degree from Yale before continuing his education abroad […]

Robert George Eberhard

Robert Eberhard was a Swiss sculptor who studied in Paris under MacNeil, Mercié, Carlié, Peter and Rodin He received his BFA from Yale in 1921. He was a sculptor and teacher in New York and New Haven, at Yale University, and eventually headed the sculpture department.  Eberhard belonged to the Salon des Artistes Français, as well as the New […]

Delbert Perry

Delbert Perry was the principal of his own New Britain Architectural firm (formerly Unkelback & Perry) which was established in 1919. He was born in 1875 in Wyoming County New York and died in 1954. He is best to be remembered for his design of New Britain’s Spanish-American War Memorial in Willow Brook Park. qv. He assisted […]