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Svigals + Partners, LLP was established in 1983 by Yale-trained sculptor and architect Barry Svigals. The firm began with a focus on residential design but grew into a full-service architecture and interiors firm serving corporate, institutional, government, and non-profit clients. The work of Barry Svigals was characterized by a whimsical incorporation of sculpture with grounded knowledge of architectural history, as he skillfully includes an element of storytelling in his artistic creations. Barry Svigals retired in 2016. Partner Chris Bockstael continues in the spirit of the firm’s founder. The firm’s sculptural projects are led by Director of Art Integration, Marissa Dionne Mead 

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Work by this Artist

  1. Beehive Bridge
    Beehive Bridge

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  • Barry Svigals : A biography on the company founder, Barry Svigals
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