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“El Monumento a la Familia Puertorriqueña” (Monument to the Puerto Rican Family) celebrates Puerto Rico’s migrant families in the United States of America. 

The front of the two-sided monument is a high-relief bronze sculpture showing four heroic scale figures representing a husband and a wife with their daughter and their son who carries the official symbol of Puerto Rico, the Lamb of God. The reverse of the monument depicts the Puerto Rican flag and below the flag the names of all the towns of the island.

The monument is placed at the gateway to The Learning Corridor, a campus for four innovative schools realized as a collaboration of the Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA), Trinity College, and Hartford Hospital. The monument was given to the City of Hartford and the State of Connecticut in 2009 by its creator, the Puerto Rican sculptor José Buscaglia-Guillermety. The monument depicts the migration of Puerto Rican families to the United States of America and honors their contribution to their new home. 


  • SINA website : Southside Institute Neighborhood Alliance of Hartford Connecticut