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This pair of windows are found closest to the altar of the Chapel of Perfect Friendship. The window is displayed on the left side of the chapel, and uses the theme of medieval friendships to commemorate the friendship of Bishop John Williams and Dr. Samuel Hart. These men were closely associated with Trinity College. They are shown in this window as warrior- comrades. In the lower panel, Hart is shown seated in his study, indicating he was a classical scholar.


The Virgil and Dante window show two men walking together on the edge of Purgatory and Hell. Virgil plays an important part in Dante’s Inferno, as Virgil is the one to lead Dante through the nine circles of Hell and explain the complexities of each layer. In the next panel, Virgil and Dante share a vision of a glowing woman, covered in a veil. A banner within the window states “Vision of Beatrice”, who was a woman that guided Dante throughout his journey in the last book of his Divine Comedy. Beatrice is also thought to have been a real woman who inspired others of Dante’s works.