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Stop #1: Beehive Bridge

Svigals + Partners

This bridge has become an emblematic focal point of a frequently trafficked drive in New Britain, Connecticut. Learn more about the New Britain Beehive Bridge.

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Stop #2: World War I Monument (Obelisk), Walnut Hill Park, New Britain

Harold van Buren Magonigle

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Stop #3: New Britain Spanish-American War Memorial

Delbert Perry, Robert George Eberhard

The New Britain Spanish-American War Memorial was designed by Delbert Perry and he was assisted by Earl Bishop and William H. Allen Co., all of New Britain. The sculptor for the bronze relief plaques was Robert George Eberhard, a professor of sculpture at Yale. Alderman W.H. Judd, the Chairman of the Common Council which awarded the commission, stated that “the monument, although in the form of a lighthouse, is still designed as a monument, and the committee selected this type of memorial because under the shadows of the Morro Castle light, the Maine was sunk, an act which aroused the whole country and caused the declaration of war by Congress."

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New Britain, Connecticut has a proud history of creation of distinctive public parks and monuments. Frederick Law Olmstead designed Walnut Hill Park and Ernest Flagg designed the Civil War Memorial.  New Britain continues to add new parks and landmarks.

WWI Monument in Walnut Hill Park in New Britain, CT


The Stops

Starting at stop #1, this Driving tour is miles long.