Bushnell Park, Hartford

Bushnell Park in Hartford was the first publicly funded park in the United States. The civic action to create the park was by a vote of the citizenry of Hartford in 1854, making the origins of Bushnell Park earlier than Central Park in New York. It was designed by the landscape architect Jacob Weidenmann (1829-1893) […]
Image of Corning Fountain, with Connecticut State Capitol in the background.

Spanish-American War Memorials

Several New England towns created monuments commemorating their citizens who served in the brief Spanish-American War. The United States declared war on Spain in April 1898 following the sinking of the USS Battleship Maine in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898. The fighting occurred at sea, in Manilla Bay in the Philippines and in Cuba […]

Connecticut History

As one of the original thirteen colonies, Connecticut and the Capitol Region have a long, important and varied history. The State Capitol Building has a sculptural program that records many of the major events in the earlier history of the state. Historic buildings are all around us. And many monuments and sites recall the participation […]


Famous men and women, scientists like Horace Wells, inventors like Samuel Colt, teachers like Edward Miner Gallaudet, and authors like Mark Twain all share a place in Connecticut. Follow the trail of their portraits and statues in bronze and learn about their achievements!
Woods relief plaque Horace Wells

Trinity College Chapel

The Trinity College Chapel, designed by Frohman, Robb and Little, has been ornamented on its interior with significant works of stained glass art and by wood sculpture carvings of the pew ends. The building is open for visits. Don’t miss the Rose Garden on the South side. Organ recitals are frequent and the carillon is […]

US History

Connecticut monuments reflect the many episodes in U.S.History that have marked our evolution. Test your knowledge!