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Stop #1: Bissell Ferry, Windsor to South Windsor

John Bissell established the Bissell Ferry in 1641 to transfer cows from Windsor to the eastern bank of the Connecticut River. In 1658, Bissell built a house on the South Windsor side of the crossing where it still stands today. The ferry continued operation until 1917.

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South Windsor Historic District. Farm on Ferry Lane near Main Street

South Windsor, which is east of the Connecticut River opposite Windsor on the west bank, retains its East Windsor Hill Historic district with houses dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. It is one of Connecticut’s least known but most unspoiled historic areas. The district stretches from the old ferry landing, Bissell’s Ferry, to Main Street which runs North-South on the ridge of high land that creates the eastern boundary of the Connecticut River flood plain. The ferry crossing was the original reason for the location of the settlement of South Windsor with its rich grazing land near the river. South Windsor quickly became a center for the study of law and for religious seminary education and the town boasts many distinguished colonial and Federal era citizens. The Wood Memorial Library at 783 Main St., South Windsor 06074, is the headquarters of the South Windsor Historical Society.

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  1. Bissell Ferry, Windsor to South Windsor